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A party filled with the aroma of Mediterranean lavender.

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In the summer of 2022, two women had an amazing idea. They came together and went on a fragrance journey. These two women were Uschi Pöttler-Fellner, the successful Austrian journalist and content creator, and Lisa Kriegler, a managing director at DOMI sense, our successful scent marketing firm from Vienna.

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A fragrance journey

Uschi Pöttler-Fellner dropped by our offices in Vienna, the heart of the fragrance experience, to meet Lisa Kriegler. During her visit, she smelled her way through the aroma bar, delving into an entirely new world of fragrance, and immediately began searching for the perfect aroma for look!’s upcoming event “The 100th issue of look!”. A number of potential fragrances emerged that were immediately passed on to our production team.

Two weeks later, we had the perfect fragrance: Mediterranean Lavender. This unique ambient fragrance would transport the party guests to the summer months, whilst also staying true to the floral theme of the evening. Florals had defined the interior design, the dress code and now, of course, the scent of the room itself.

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Mediterranean Lavender

The fragrance entices as a fresh full-bodied maritime scent with captivating top notes of lemon, mandarin and lavender. The middle notes are dominated by fruity-floral lavender, With base notes of musk and amber.

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