Room. Fragrance.

shapes space,
creates experiences,
awakes emotions &
remains in the memory.

Scent marketing

How can marketing still be efficient in our world flooded with advertising?

How does advertising work when we have already seen and heard too much? When our cities are cluttered with huge billboards and large screen animations, that we cannot even recognize? When even push notifications on our mobile devices are more or less successfully ignored?

Our solution is scent marketing.

Scent remains in the consciousness.

Our Scents

We offer over 50 aromas from our standard range and we are specialized in creating new and unique signature fragrances hat are perfectly tailored to the product, the brand and the company.

We are experts in developing individual scent compositions for brands, products and companies!

Our technology

Our diffusers are efficient, smart & offer a unique technology that ensure an economical and profitable use of scent marketing.

The design is marked by its visual and practical adaptability and the ease of use. The cold evaporation of 100% pure scent compositions ensures a very natural diffusion, as the microscopic scent particles are so light that they spread perfectly through the air.


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Some of our happy customers

About us

As long-standing scent marketing specialists, we develop suitable scent concepts and marketing strategies together with our customers and partners. We develop new scent compositions and we stage companies, their brands and products so that they are remembered. We work with internationally renowned perfumers and technology partners, guaranteeing quality and success!

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