Room. Fragrance.

shapes space,
creates experiences,
awakes emotions &
remains in the memory.

Scent marketing

A large number of investigations and studies have shown that scents have a potent olfactory effect on the turnover of a company. Using unique, distinctive scents and spreading them through professional ventilation systems into lobbies, restaurants and guest rooms improves customer experience and raises enjoyment to a new level.

How does one select the right scent? What scent triggers the right mood and reflects the product or the company?

That is where we, DOMI sense, your scent marketing specialist, come in. With our innovative technologies and unique, pure aromas, we guarantee your professional appearance.

We advise you on the selection of the scent, plan the proper placement of the aroma diffusers with you, and offer you various attractive price packages.

Our Scents

Our pure aromas are created in the world capital of scent, in Grasse in the south of France. Our scent compositions are only brought to market after extensive practical tests, international certification by IFRA and strict quality controls by our specialists. We offer over 50 aromas from our standard range and we are specialized in creating new and unique signature fragrances hat are perfectly tailored to the product, the brand and the company. Take advantage of our offer to request a free test dose and be able to convince yourself of the power of the fragrance and the quality of our aromas!

We are experts in developing individual scent compositions for brands, products and companies!

Our technology

Our diffusers are efficient, smart & offer a unique technology that ensure an economical and profitable use of scent marketing.

The design is marked by its visual and practical adaptability and the ease of use. The cold evaporation of 100% pure scent compositions ensures a very natural diffusion, as the microscopic scent particles are so light that they spread perfectly through the air.


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Some of our happy customers

About us

As long-standing scent marketing specialists, we develop suitable scent concepts and marketing strategies together with our customers and partners. We develop new scent compositions and we stage companies, their brands and products so that they are remembered. We work with internationally renowned perfumers and technology partners, guaranteeing quality and success!

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