Juan Amador Welcomes to
the Menu of the Senses.

A Culinary Experience like no Other

Kulinarisches Dufterlebnis

Culinary Aroma Experience

In his exclusive restaurant in Döbling, Juan Amador presented an extraordinary menu together with DOMI sense managing director Michael Kriegler, his wife and partner Lisa Kriegler, and his colleagues on the executive board at Gero Stapelfeldt and Markus Voit. Every course in this menu was introduced with a specifically designed DOMI sense fragrance, which also accompanied the dish.

This created an atmospheric sensory blend, comprising the aromas of the dish, the pairing with the fragrance and the visually stunning culinary artwork on the plate. A select group of guests from the worlds of business, art and culture came together to enjoy a completely new culinary experience, making the most of this unforgettable evening, emceed by Nortbert Oberhauser.

Apfelstrudel mit Christmas Duft

Apple strudel with a festive fragrance

A surprising highlight of the evening was the delicious desert “Apple Strudel 2.0”, which was combined with the DOMI sense fragrance “Christmas”. Not only did the pairing make for a successful olfactory and culinary finale, it also amused and delighted the celebrities in attendance. True to the saying “after Christmas is before Christmas”, even in the middle of summer.

The DOMI sense fragrance "Mint Lime" came in beautifully designed DOMI sense diffusers and filled the entrance hall and VIP area with a refreshing fragrance. This additional perfume left guests intrigued about what was yet to come and welcomed them to The Menu of the Senses.

A few quotes from the hosts and guests ...

Uschi Fellner, the successful Austrian journalist and content creator, summarised the one-of-a-kind evening as: “An incredible event that raised the spirits. We need nights like this, especially in this day and age, and would happily do something like this again. The perfect way to start the summer!”

Aida Loos, Austrian cabaret artist and actress, was among the guests on the night and was also deeply impressed: “It was an explosion! Every course was like a volcano in my mouth. I didn’t know what to expect. Every dish was perfectly paired with the fragrance and choice of wine.”

“By actively introducing a scent, that has been tailored to the individual dish,” says Juan Amador of The Menu of the Senses, “we’ve managed to elevate our creations to a new level. The natural aromas in the dishes are perfectly complemented by the DOMI sense fragrances, creating a seamless interplay.”

DOMI sense managing director Michael Kriegler and Gero Stapelfeldt raved about the collaboration with Juan Amador: “We’re very pleased to have had the opportunity to collaborate such an distinguished partner as Juan Amador. It has been a wonderful, creative partnership. Juan Amador’s dishes are just as unique as the fragrances we create for our customers.

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The Menu of the Senses

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