A Scent for the Senses

Lisa Kriegler in conversation with Uschi Fellner

Fragrances trigger emotions and create memories – and at DOMI sense, you can create your own personal perfume blends. While on a feel-good holiday, Lisa Kriegler and her husband got a whiff of the "the smell of success" – and since that day, they have dedicated every moment to becoming scent marketing specialists through their company DOMI sense. The firm specialises in fragrances that are specifically tailored to the individual preferences of companies. We sat down with the fragrance expert for an interview

Duft für alle Sinne

look!: Lisa, your company creates and sells personalised fragrances, among other things. What exactly is your business model and how does it work?

Lisa Kriegler:DOMI sense as a company puts its heart and soul into scent marketing. We sell ambient fragrances and scent machines (diffusers), which allow us to create feel-good atmospheres at our corporate clients’ premises. We offer around 40 different fragrances that are based on natural aromas and adhere to the highest standards. What sets us apart is that companies can approach us to create their own unique fragrances that have been entirely tailored to their brand. Style, colour palette, materials, lighting etc. can set the scene for a brand and make it memorable to customers. But it has taken a long time for olfactory stimuli to earn their place in communications, and that despite the fact that smell is the only sense that is directly linked to memory and controlled unconsciously. As soon as we get a waft of cinnamon, for example, we immediately think of Christmas.

This means scents can be used to direct emotions in a specific way. So it will come as no surprise to hear how many studies have proven that scent marketing can increase sales. When it comes to our fragrances, we place the utmost importance on quality – all aromas are natural and IFRA certified, which is basically the Oscar in the world of fragrance.

Duft für alle Sinne

How did the idea of selling custom fragrances come about?

It started when my husband and I were on holiday, arrived at a hotel and felt immediately relaxed and at ease. We thought about why that could be and realised: it must have been the amazing smell. When our friend and co-partner then approached us with the idea of founding a scent marketing company, we were immediately on board. That was the beginning of our exciting journey with DOMI sense.

What do you find exciting about the process of developing a fragrance?

Every development process starts with getting to know the company, the brand, the product and, of course, the people behind it, because that’s what the fragrance should ultimately be based on. Then, step by step, we focus together on the individual ingredients. When we have found the direction of the fragrance, we then fine-tune it until both parties believe the newly created aroma ticks all the boxes. For me, it’s exhilarating to get to know the people behind a brand. The best part is presenting our customer with the finished fragrance that represents their company. It is a moment of pure aromatic joy.

Duft für alle Sinne

What scents should a feel-good fragrance contain?

That depends on how you define feeling good. If we take it to mean being calm and relaxed, I would choose woody, warm or floral and soft aromas. Also, when choosing the right fragrance, you have to consider various factors like the environment, target group but also the theme of the occasion.

Which fragrances do you personally gravitate towards and surround yourself with?

It really depends on my mood. I tend to prefer woody-spicy aromas that suit my personality. I think it’s best when a fragrance unfolds gradually and you can catch the individual ingredients like in a good cocktail without the fragrance becoming too intrusive.

What does your everyday life as a working mother look like? Are you actively involved in dealing with customer?

I take care to schedule my appointments well and allow for buffers so things don’t get too hectic. That being said, itt’s not unheard of for some well-planned projects to end up in structured chaos. Thatt’s why It’m glad to have people around me who support me, such as my wonderful husband, who helps me master these challenges. Together with him and our business partners in Berlin, we take every day as a new opportunity to commit to making DOMI sense the market leader in scent marketing. To manage a company successfully, I believe it is also essential to stay in touch with customers. So our entire management team is in constant contact with our customers. But a big part of that is because we love what we do.

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