Opinion Leaders Network - An Interview with Lisa Kriegler

“One of the benefits of our product is that it stays with you and triggers certain feelings and emotions,” Lisa Kriegler says as she opens up about DOMI sense.

In October, the scent marketing specialist DOMI sense teamed up with Juan Amador, Austria’s only 3 Michelin star chef, to offer a select group of guests “The Menu of the senses” a melange of aromas for the nose and palate. All manner of dishes - from iced oysters paired with a fragrance called “Shiny Seaweed” to apple strudel combined with a festive aroma - made their way to the pass.

At the “aromatic” evening, LEADERSNET took the opportunity to interview Lisa Kriegler, managing director at Domi sense.

LEADERSNET: Can you tell us more about what DOMI sense is offering its guests here in collaboration with Juan Amador?

Kriegler: We have created something totally unique. Juan Amador is an incredibly passionate chef, who comes up with the most incredible dishes. And at DOMI Sense, we create the most incredible, beautiful fragrances. This joint passion was the foundation for our collaboration. Together with Juan Amador, we have developed a scent for each of his courses. Each dish is perfumed with this fragrance before being served. The scent fills the room and excites the senses. This gives our guests a completely new sensory experience for the nose and palate.

LEADERSNET: Your company sells signature fragrances for companies. What exactly is scent marketing?

Kriegler: Scent marketing is in fact already well established around the world, but it has only recently made its way to Austria. The aim is to have shoppers associate a particular scent with a brand, increasing customer loyalty. Fragrances play a pivotal role in this regard: they create a memorable experience, and make us feel good as they are directly connected to the brain. This means guests, customers but also patients waiting for surgery, can feel happier with the right fragrance.

Employees, too, can benefit from their companies having a signature smell. Firms can use fragrances, for example, that relax their staff or help them concentrate. But scent marketing is mostly used by companies to create a pleasant atmosphere for shoppers, enticing them to stay in store for longer and thus increase sales.

A signature scent is a fragrance that has been uniquely tailored to the company or brand, which is then associated with it.

LEADERSNET: There were many distinguished guests at the DOMI x Juan Amador event. Could one say that they all passed the smell test?

Kriegler: Of course they passed the smell test. At this event we used the exquisite “Mint Lime” fragrance, which Juan Amador himself chose. You can smell it in all the rooms. But our guests are, of course, lovely people who would all pass the smell test anyway.

LEADERSNET: And what does DOMI sense stand for?

Kriegler: DOMI stands for “Duftmarketing” (the German word for scent marketing) “Made in Austria”. We design stunning fragrances, that are spread around the room with diffusers. These scent machines are made specially for us in Germany. Our fragrances are, of course, all natural and IFRA-certified. They’re made in the south of France. Our aim with is to use these perfumes to create wonderful feel-good atmospheres at our client’s premises.

LEADERSNET: So how do companies design their own unique scents. What is the secret to achieving this “sweet smell of success”?

Kriegler: For starters, we offer signature fragrances. These scents have been specifically tailored to the individual company. We designed them together with the customer, so it’s perfectly tailored to their firm or brand. Then we also have a very large selection of existing fragrances that our customers can choose from. We generally have something for everyone.

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